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Best Bed and Breakfasts in Italy

Best Bed and Breakfasts in Italy

Frequent travelers will know the numerous benefits of bed and breakfasts – you not only save a lot but also end up enjoying a better and luxurious stay – much better than that of hotels. And if you’re planning to visit Italy, make sure you put up camp in one of the bed and breakfasts in this country – they’re beautiful and provide services that are more than expected. The bed and breakfasts here come in a wide range of budgets – you’re free to choose which suits you:

This place is recommended by many people who have experienced a pleasant stay here. The beautiful interiors and views from here give Mantatlure the plus points it so deserves. It is mainly known for its classy interiors. It was a former church-school, and the owner and the team of designers have done an excellent job in redoing this place and converting it into a supremely comfortable bed and breakfast. The facilities and services you’re provided here are perfect too, making sure you have a pleasant stay here.

La Maison du Sage:
Well-done up rooms that have pastel-colored walls are what makeup La Maison du Sage. The beauty of these comfortable rooms is only doubled with the perfect service and friendly staff here. Those who have been here particular;y mention the furnishings of the rooms and the exteriors – they have all been carefully crafted and placed to create a look that blends modernity and antiquity.


Corte San Pietro:
The stone walls, with calm and soothing interiors here, will surely make you want to extend your stay. The minimalistic approach of designing in these rooms is what is loved by all who step in here for their temporary stay. The spacious rooms are furnished only with essentials, keeping the rooms breezy and light. The friendly staff here provides the best services – making your stay enjoyable here.



The themed rooms here will win your hearts – you can choose the room in which you wish to stay. The colorful interiors, warm interiors, and cozy rooms will make you feel super homely here. Also, Quadlibet is known to serve sumptuous breakfasts that include all the specialties of Italian cuisine. The open terraces in the rooms give you picturesque views of the scenes around. A comfortable and cozy stay ensured!

Best Italian Wineries To Visit In Italy

Best Italian Wineries To Visit In Italy

Apart from tourism, the two things that hit our minds when it comes to Italy are Italian cuisine and Italian wines. If you are visiting Italy, make it a point to drop in some of the best wineries in the world. The experience is something that cannot be explained in worlds. In this article, we will discuss the best wineries to visit in Italy.

Marchesi di Barolo

Barolo is a brand that produces one of the most exceptional quality of wine in the country. Borolo is the name of the town in which it is produced. It is located in the Langhe area and is surrounded by gentle hills. It was established in the early 19th century. The Marchesi di Barolo winery is a family business that has been run by five generations. The place where the winery is located is like a dream location for anyone. In the north are the extravagant Alps and the breathtaking Apennines in the south. The temperature of the region is one of the primary reasons why the grapes are so delicious.

Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero

This famous winery is located in Vezza d’Alba. The place has a very rich history when it comes to winemaking in Italy. One of the famous and aristocratic Roero family owned the land and cultivated in it until the 18th century. It was then the business was taken over by the present managers. Now the business is being controlled by the Olivero family. They have been managing the business after attaining the major stakes in the company from the late 1950s. The winery has 15 hectares of land where very process is carried out. Just the visit to this winery will make the tourist understand that the province of Cuneo and the Piedmont region has a lot to offer.

Redaelli de Zinis

The Redaelli de Zinisne is located near Lake Garda. The important fact about Redaelli de Zinis is that they are very particular not to use any kind of machinery in the production process. They also make it a point not to indulge in any kind of activities that would affect the environment so that they do not disturb the amazing natural scenery in the surrounding. They have 1200 square meters of a vineyard and a rich history that can be dated back to the 18th century.


Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi

The Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi is one of the oldest wine brands on earth. The Frescobaldi family has been involved in wine production for more than 30 generations and nearly seven hundred years. Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi has five different units where the wines are produced. The guests are allowed to visit all the production units. The five units are scattered in various places. They are Tuscany in Pomino, Castiglioni, Castegiocondo, Nipozzano, and Ammiraglia. They also conduct some wine tasting events in which anyone could participate and enjoy one of the best wines in Italy.

Fascinating Facts About Italian Wines

Fascinating Facts About Italian Wines

Wine and Italy are the two names that go hand in hand.  If you are talking about Italy, you will definitely talk about their wines. That is how close they are. Your visit to Italy is not complete without visiting a proper vineyard. In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about Italian wines.

The largest wine producer in the world

It is not a huge surprise that Italy is the largest supplier of wine in the world.   According to the statistics, all the vineyards in the country collectively produce nearly 45 to 50 million hectoliters of wine every year. So Italy actually produces one-third of the total wine in the world. Most of the wines that they produce are exported to many countries in the world. When it comes to wine production, France clinches the second place, and Spain comes third.

4000 years of history

No one can deny that fact that Italian wines are hands down the best in the world. One of the main reasons why they are so exceptional is because of the tradition that they follow. It is not just a production of some edible juice with a particular formula. It is a craft that has been perfected with years of practice, dedication and an unquenchable thirst for perfection.

Italy is the birthplace of Prosecco

In the last decade, there has been a great revelry between Prosecco and Champagne. Many say that Prosecco has replaced Champagne as the most favorite in the United Kingdom. According to reports nearly 150 million bottles of Prosecco has been manufactured in Italy every year. During the summers the sales of Prosecco reaches its peak. Champagne needs to be aged for a long time to have a special status. But Prosecco needs only three to seven years to be a special vintage.

Why 750 ml?

Have you ever thought why the capacity of wine bottles is only 750 ml and not more than that?  The lung capacity of a glass blower is the reason why the capacity of the wine bottles is 750ml.

2000 grape verities

Italy is a place that houses more than 2000 verities of grapes. Yea you read it right 2000. Now you might understand why there is a huge difference in taste between one wine and another. Some of the most popular varieties of white grapes that are used to manufacture wines are Trebbiano and Catarratto. The popular red verities are Sangiovese, Barbera, Montepulciano, Primitivo, and NeroD’Avola.

Average Italian wine consumption is 54 liters per year

If you are living in a country that produces nearly one-third of the world’s wine, consuming 54 liters per year is not a huge deal. But we are sure that there will be a lot of people in various parts of the world who will have doubts about whether they can consume 54 liters of wine throughout their lives.

Walking Through The Vineyards Of Italy

Walking Through The Vineyards Of Italy

The oldest wine and the most grizzled experience whenever are offered should never be denied. French wine and Italian wine, a wine lover will always be confused to choose amongst the two. The combination of people, culture, food, and wine still beats the French wine for a wine lover. The wine tours of Italy are increasing in tremendous amount for a reason. The climate of Italy and the history of wine dated 4000 years old is an ideal suit for viniculture. As we all know, Italy has been home to Greeks and hence the vineyards serving in everyday life.


Not only the Greeks even Romans took a great interest in the wine business. As the county started adopting Catholicism, the wine became a sacrament and started flourishing the business rapidly ending up serving the excellent wines of a different variety. Italy is so successful in making excellent wines that it leaves a tourist into a thought of which in particular is better or best.

Walking down through local winery you get to taste the brilliants from the vineyards and stocks of following wine stores:

Marchesi di Barolo

Barolo, the King of the Wines and probably was sure the Wine of King. Barolo is known for the best peculiarity wine in the whole of Italy. The ancestors of Marchesi Barolo belong to the town of Barolo itself and overlook to the renewal of castle of MarchesiFalletti di Barolo. The wine business is the family business inherited by the fifth generation of Pietro Abbona who purchased the firm from Marchesi’s in 1920 and had been making the best quality for 200 years now. As there was no heir to the firm when Marchesi’s were alive, the couple decided to raise funds for charity, and the charity continues to date. The cellars take care of 120 hectares vast vineyards and try to yield wines from leading varieties of Monferrato, Langhe, and Roero. The most popular brands like Crus Storici, Barolo Del Commune di Barolo, Le Riserve, La Tradizione, and Asti Spumante.

Marchesi de Frescobaldi

Frescobaldi’s are serving one of the world’s best wines for 700 years, for 30 dedicated generations. The story began at Castiglioni seven centuries back. There are five distinct vineyards which welcome visitors with a warm heart. The company pays significant attention to the cultivation and production and also was honored with Agri Qualita certification in 2012 from the Region of Tuscany. Their vineyards form Nipozzano and Pomino were first ones to receive PEFC province, guaranteeing sustainable management of forests. One of the most famous vineyards of Tuscany ranges its routes in South Tuscany, Castiglioni, Nipozzano, Pomino, Perano, Ammaraglia and Castlegiocondo. The brand has won about 500 awards, Wine Spectator, Decanter, the Drink Business Luca Maroni, etc for wines like Alie, Ammiragila, Benefizio, and Campo ai Sassi.

Click The Glasses For It Is An Italian Wine!

Click The Glasses For It Is An Italian Wine!

Italy is the most diverse country when it comes to wines, amongst all other countries. With different fashion and trends, Italian wines still top the Winery production. With a headlong range of grapes spreading amongst 20 regions is still as intriguing as during early times. The variety varies in every area and even in a town sometimes. Italian wines are considered as Kings of Wines and were sure Wines of Kings during Roman Empire. Italian wines make their way through the long structure and improbable affection for food and have touched the hearts of people all around the world. The diversity lies in the secret of ranges widened from the Northern Alps to the shores of Africa with Mediterranean climate making the wine suitable to go as a combination to almost everything. What makes Italian wines all the more precious is the fusion of the culture, food, and wine. The wines from Italy ages rapidly due to the tannin fruit, and essential acids involved inside, forming a root of the excellent production. Aging causes the secondary flavors making their way out, for they can only come with time and therefore Old wines are always more precious than a gem.

Briefing some amazing vineyards:


Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero

The winery is located at Vezzad’Alba which is an ancient area established for winemaking. The land was cultivated even during the 18th century by Roero’s though was taken over by the current owners Olivero in 1950. The vineyards are spread for 15 hectares and could show any visitor; the region is much more than the mountains surrounding and the Shroud of Turin. They serve Red, White, Sparkling and Grape Wines. The best amongst Red Wines are Roero Vigna Sant’AnnaDocg, Piemonte BonardaandBarberaD’Alba. Amongst the White Wine Langhe Favorita Doc, and Roero ArneisDocg. Amongst the Sparkling Wines are Spumante Brut MetodoClassicoDosaggio Zero and Spumante Brut Rose Maria Teresa. Amongst the Grape wines are Nebbulo Grappa and Arneis Grappa.


The winery was established in 1878, located in Atripalda. Berardino’s still had a passion for winemaking. Petro Di Berardino adopted the title Mastro which merged with Berardino eventually was the founder of the firm. The ninth generation heir Antiono when got back to the estate after WW|| found the vineyards devasted and in total debt, then the young men made a promise to himself to regain the power and establish the business to outbring his family name yet again. Within two decades he with the help of his brother Walter brought back the best vineyard land in the region with hard work and dedication. This hardship earned Antiono a title of ‘true viticulturalarcheologist.’ The best wines of Mastrobarardino are Mastrobarardino IripiniaRosato Lacrimarosa, and Mastrobarardino Taurasi RadiciRiserva 98-97-96 mixed.

Cheers to the Italian Wine

Cheers to the Italian Wine

There is a reason excellent wines have the heart of Rulers! The grace a wine carries no other beverage can. The bubbles, giving the shining charm to a glass of wine looks no lesser than a pearl or a precious jewel. It is an art for a cellar to produce a sparkling wine which gives a sweet inhaling essence. Italian wines are famous for the beautiful sparkle they embrace for the symbolic royalty they enclose.

The technique Italians follow to produce such promising wines is worth a listen. They harvest the grapes usually Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Pinot Nero and then keeps them in a box, which is taken to the cellar to press the grapes mildly. The company extricates a variety of wines by the level of grapes pressed. The grapes, when pressed just once, produces a more delicate mist than when pressed twice. Once the must produces, the clarification process starts where still wine is poured in a bottle along with some yeast and substantial solutions, to begin with the second fragmentation. The second fermentation is called ‘press di spuma’ where the sparkles emerge in still wine after the bottle is sealed with a cork it is positioned in various positions in a cellar for 12 to 36 months mechanically which help the yeast to keep the suspension live in the liquid.

Knowing the specialty, I am briefing down some best Italian winery and vineyards you must try to visit:

Tenuta di Castlebuono:

Tenuta di Castlebuono achieved an award for the most peculiar architecture called Wonderful Winery. Gresy family owns the vines since 1797. The brand is new when compared to the vineyards and property. The winery was designed by Arnaldo Pomodoro who was believed to be one of the finest artists of Italy. The Gresy’s decided to bottle their wines under a label of the family name rather than selling the grapes for other wine production companies in 1973. The Gresy’s wines are always gorgeous, and silk layered. The most infamous wines from their production are Camp Gros Martinenga and GaiunMartinenga.



Planeta is known for its quality in Sicily. It was found by three cousins namely Santi Planeta, Francesa, Alisso and started the production of wines in the 1980s. The firm passed on for 17 generations and finally was established in 1995, named under household names of Sicily. The vineyards are spread in the 363-hectare wide area, yielding a different variety of grapes like Frappanto, NerelloMascalese, and Grecanio .Planeta’s white wine also speaks for itself and Cometa is a must try beverage.

Best bed and breakfasts in Rome

Best bed and breakfasts in Rome

Those traveling to Italy are almost always heading to Rome – the capital city of this tiny little country. The star attractions of Italy though spread across Italy are mostly concentrated in Rome which makes it one of the most visited cities in Italy. Last minute accommodations in Rome can be a problem as this city is always buzzing with tourists and a lot of activity. But you still have the option of homely bed and breakfasts which are lined up in the city – cost effective and comfortable stay is guaranteed in these bed and breakfasts. So which are the best bed and breakfasts in Rome? Let’s take you through:

Castel Sant’Angelo Inn:
Located centrally in Rome, you won’t have trouble locating this famous bed and breakfast in this city. Subtly decorated rooms, with plush beds, and essential furniture are the star feature here. The best part about this bed and breakfast is its location – everything around Rome that you’d love to see is at a stone’s throw distance from here. You also have the local cuisine served to you here. There are different types of rooms to suit your requirements and, so you are free to pick what suits you the best.

Mr. Frills:
The name maybe Mr. Frills, but the accommodation is no-frills! Simple, elegant decor with the usage of cool pastel shades to create the perfect ambiance you require for a relaxed holiday – that’s what Mr. Frills is all about. Stunning views, sparkling clean rooms, great food, and a relaxed stay are what make your time here memorable.

My Secret Condotti:
Located in central Rome where every tourist spot is reachable, My Secret Condotti is another cosy accommodation which you can opt for. Simple and elegant rooms with all the basic amenities well in place, this bed and breakfast are suited for all those who wish to have a comfortable yet luxurious stay. Equipped with all essential facilities, you will also be provided breakfast that serves the best of the local cuisine here. Hop in here for a relaxed stay.

Betty Holiday Valadier:

The rooms here are bright and colorful, creating the perfect holiday atmosphere and vibe for you. Huge windows, cutesy furniture, and colorful linen make you feel like you’re at home! Every room is equipped with a private bathroom too. The multilingual staff here is of great help and super friendly. Also, you will be welcomed in the morning with a buffet breakfast, which again includes the best of Italian cuisine. A perfect place for a couple or a family holiday.

Best wine sourced from Italy

Best wine sourced from Italy

Italy is the land known to churn out some of the best wine in the world. It is also dotted with numerous wineries, each of which is a well-known name in the wine industry. Each one of these wineries come up with their distinct taste of wine, which cannot be replicated by any other winery across the world. Also, the Italian wineries have received many awards for their excellence in this field. So if you’re in Italy, and you chance upon a wonderful winery, which is the wine you would try out? We’ve come up with a list that comprises of some of the best wines sourced from Italy – read on!

Tenuta Torciano Terrestre, Tuscany:
Terrestre is undoubtedly one of the best wines sourced from Italy. Torciano’s famed product, Terrestre is aged for almost four years in different barrels before being packed and dispatched for sale in the markets. No wonder the wine here is just marvelous – a sip of it and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The sparkling beauty from Torciano is noted not only in Italy but also in countries across the world. Its pure luxury and a privilege to get an opportunity to taste this wine.

Instead of Masseto, this range of wine should have been named ‘sheer indulgence’ – because that’s what it is! This is one of the most expensive wines that come from the Italian land. It is also  the best of the SuperTuscan wines, which are made entirely from Merlot. The prime location of the Masseto vineyards is instrumental in bringing in the taste that is the crux of this bottle of magic!

Bibi Graetz Testamatta Colore, Tuscany:
The Graetz family began producing wine long back – but it was only for limited family consumption. However, it was somewhere in the early 2000s that they began mass production of wine – and there has been no turning back since then! The Graetz family owns acres of vineyards and has purely organic techniques of producing wine – which results in the distinct flavor of the wine from here. Make sure you taste the Colore, among the other wines they have on the platter here. The Colore will surely win your heart and your taste buds too- as it is aged in oak barrels for a long time before being brought out in the market for sale.

Do try out these wines and others too, when you’re on tour to one of these wineries in Italy.


Best wineries to visit in Italy

Best wineries to visit in Italy

Italy is one of those countries in the world where wine flows –well, not literally, but with the number of wineries and winepresses Italy has, it doesn’t really astonish that Italy is the origin of some of the best wine in the world. So when in Italy, make it a point to visit at least one of the wineries around, take a tour, watch how the fresh grapes are crushed to create perfection and also, relax and sip into some of the quality wine! And to help you out, we’ve come up with a list of wineries which you can consider visiting when in Italy:

Marchesi di Barolo:

A family business that’s has been preserved by almost five generations now, Marchesi di Barolo is one of the noted names in the wine business. Established way back in the 19th centuries, the wine sourced from here never disappoints. Named after the town in which it is located Barolo which is situated well against the scenic Alps. The pleasant weather here is particularly perfect for grapes to thrive and flourish, which is one of the secrets in the excellent quality of the wine here.


Not only does Librandi come up with some of the best wine in the world, but it is also located in such a scenic location! Librandi is a stunner, both in terms of wine and beauty too. A relaxed vacation in Librandi will give you ample time to explore and experience what this beautiful place has to offer. Give this place a visit, and you’ll know why exactly we’re bragging about it!

Redaelli de Zinis:
Situated on the picturesque Lake Garda, Redaelli is known for its organic and traditional wine press techniques. There are no machines here – just the traditional wine press which churns out a distinctly tasting wine. It again was established way back in the 18th century and has been taken care of by five generations now. The taste of the wine from her has a different charm – after all, no machines can replicate the taste that a traditional winepress can create.

Azienda Agricola Valentini:

Recipient of numerous awards in the wine sector, this family business too, is another noted and famed name in the wine world. The farms here produce the best of olives also, which are further processed into olive oil. If you’re looking for real, authentic and organic items, this is the place you should be heading to. The wine here is perfectly magical – sip into it, and you’ll know!

Comforts at Bed and Breakfast!

Comforts at Bed and Breakfast!

There are times when even the natives start feeling alone with all the strangers surrounding amidst a hectic schedule in a city. Bed and Breakfast understood the essential nature and tried to gel the tourism with the homely environment by providing a homestay as a guest in a classic mansion with a private service and care. B&B’s can be a great help when it comes to guidance and suggestions for who knows a city better than a person living in it since years! The flea markets, the fashionable shops, the must-visit places and the must try on restaurants; nobody gives a better suggestion to that than a native. There are few myths regarding Bed and Breakfast, like;

  • People have to share the bathrooms sometimes.
  • The Bed and Breakfast stays are expensive than the hotels.
  • No privacy served
  • The breakfast is unhealthy and fattening
  • The breakfast is served only during a certain period and has to share with other guests.
  • B&B’s are best suited for elderlies
  • B&B never offers discounts

The following are mere mindsets for more than 99 percent bed, and breakfasts provide spotless and private bathrooms for each room or suite. With all the facilities like free internet, free breakfast, free parking the budget remains the same. Privacy is always a concern of an owner to be taken care of when at B&B’s, in fact, may provide a separate guest house to serve the purpose.

The breakfast served can always be of guest’s choice and in case of denial, accepted to replace. The breakfast is usually served as a buffet manner, but if the guest wants, he can take the meal to the room itself. There is nothing which suits to a particular aged people, who would not want to live along the sides of antiques and classic fashioned interior, with the people who show much affection to you personally, who cares for your demands and could provide you with the homely environment even not when home. No business works well without a business strategy and giving offers and discounts make a major one; therefore, discount offers are a business need for any firm and so is to Bed and Breakfast.

The best thing about the firm is they believe in some values and has been working on them ever since. They know how precious home-cooked breakfast can be for a stranger traveling for days can be and therefore adds the particular to the comforts of the guest room and internet facilities along with the parking and inn discounts. Each B&B has a unique way of welcoming their guests and have a unique interior. Every inn and cottages provide different rooms and variant environment. B&B’s surprises you with the history linked to the mansions renewed as what it stands as now, centuries older restoring days of yore. With all the facilities provided, bed and Breakfast is better than any hotel, anytime and any day.