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Breakfasts In Italy

Best Bed and Breakfasts in Italy

Frequent travelers will know the numerous benefits of bed and breakfasts – you not only save a lot but also end up enjoying a better and luxurious stay – much better than that of hotels. And if you’re planning to visit Italy, make sure you put up camp in one of the bed and breakfasts in this country – they’re beautiful and provide services that are more than expected. The bed and breakfasts here come in a wide range of budgets – you’re free to choose which suits you:

This place is recommended by many people who have experienced a pleasant stay here. The beautiful interiors and views from here give Mantatlure the plus points it so deserves. It is mainly known for its classy interiors. It was a former church-school, and the owner and the team of designers have done an excellent job in redoing this place and converting it into a supremely comfortable bed and breakfast. The facilities and services you’re provided here are perfect too, making sure you have a pleasant stay here.

La Maison du Sage:
Well-done up rooms that have pastel-colored walls are what makeup La Maison du Sage. The beauty of these comfortable rooms is only doubled with the perfect service and friendly staff here. Those who have been here particular;y mention the furnishings of the rooms and the exteriors – they have all been carefully crafted and placed to create a look that blends modernity and antiquity.


Corte San Pietro:
The stone walls, with calm and soothing interiors here, will surely make you want to extend your stay. The minimalistic approach of designing in these rooms is what is loved by all who step in here for their temporary stay. The spacious rooms are furnished only with essentials, keeping the rooms breezy and light. The friendly staff here provides the best services – making your stay enjoyable here.



The themed rooms here will win your hearts – you can choose the room in which you wish to stay. The colorful interiors, warm interiors, and cozy rooms will make you feel super homely here. Also, Quadlibet is known to serve sumptuous breakfasts that include all the specialties of Italian cuisine. The open terraces in the rooms give you picturesque views of the scenes around. A comfortable and cozy stay ensured!