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Best wine sourced from Italy

Italy is the land known to churn out some of the best wine in the world. It is also dotted with numerous wineries, each of which is a well-known name in the wine industry. Each one of these wineries come up with their distinct taste of wine, which cannot be replicated by any other winery across the world. Also, the Italian wineries have received many awards for their excellence in this field. So if you’re in Italy, and you chance upon a wonderful winery, which is the wine you would try out? We’ve come up with a list that comprises of some of the best wines sourced from Italy – read on!

Tenuta Torciano Terrestre, Tuscany:
Terrestre is undoubtedly one of the best wines sourced from Italy. Torciano’s famed product, Terrestre is aged for almost four years in different barrels before being packed and dispatched for sale in the markets. No wonder the wine here is just marvelous – a sip of it and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The sparkling beauty from Torciano is noted not only in Italy but also in countries across the world. Its pure luxury and a privilege to get an opportunity to taste this wine.

Instead of Masseto, this range of wine should have been named ‘sheer indulgence’ – because that’s what it is! This is one of the most expensive wines that come from the Italian land. It is also  the best of the SuperTuscan wines, which are made entirely from Merlot. The prime location of the Masseto vineyards is instrumental in bringing in the taste that is the crux of this bottle of magic!

Bibi Graetz Testamatta Colore, Tuscany:
The Graetz family began producing wine long back – but it was only for limited family consumption. However, it was somewhere in the early 2000s that they began mass production of wine – and there has been no turning back since then! The Graetz family owns acres of vineyards and has purely organic techniques of producing wine – which results in the distinct flavor of the wine from here. Make sure you taste the Colore, among the other wines they have on the platter here. The Colore will surely win your heart and your taste buds too- as it is aged in oak barrels for a long time before being brought out in the market for sale.

Do try out these wines and others too, when you’re on tour to one of these wineries in Italy.