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Cheers to the Italian Wine

There is a reason excellent wines have the heart of Rulers! The grace a wine carries no other beverage can. The bubbles, giving the shining charm to a glass of wine looks no lesser than a pearl or a precious jewel. It is an art for a cellar to produce a sparkling wine which gives a sweet inhaling essence. Italian wines are famous for the beautiful sparkle they embrace for the symbolic royalty they enclose.

The technique Italians follow to produce such promising wines is worth a listen. They harvest the grapes usually Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Pinot Nero and then keeps them in a box, which is taken to the cellar to press the grapes mildly. The company extricates a variety of wines by the level of grapes pressed. The grapes, when pressed just once, produces a more delicate mist than when pressed twice. Once the must produces, the clarification process starts where still wine is poured in a bottle along with some yeast and substantial solutions, to begin with the second fragmentation. The second fermentation is called ‘press di spuma’ where the sparkles emerge in still wine after the bottle is sealed with a cork it is positioned in various positions in a cellar for 12 to 36 months mechanically which help the yeast to keep the suspension live in the liquid.

Knowing the specialty, I am briefing down some best Italian winery and vineyards you must try to visit:

Tenuta di Castlebuono:

Tenuta di Castlebuono achieved an award for the most peculiar architecture called Wonderful Winery. Gresy family owns the vines since 1797. The brand is new when compared to the vineyards and property. The winery was designed by Arnaldo Pomodoro who was believed to be one of the finest artists of Italy. The Gresy’s decided to bottle their wines under a label of the family name rather than selling the grapes for other wine production companies in 1973. The Gresy’s wines are always gorgeous, and silk layered. The most infamous wines from their production are Camp Gros Martinenga and GaiunMartinenga.



Planeta is known for its quality in Sicily. It was found by three cousins namely Santi Planeta, Francesa, Alisso and started the production of wines in the 1980s. The firm passed on for 17 generations and finally was established in 1995, named under household names of Sicily. The vineyards are spread in the 363-hectare wide area, yielding a different variety of grapes like Frappanto, NerelloMascalese, and Grecanio .Planeta’s white wine also speaks for itself and Cometa is a must try beverage.