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Click The Glasses For It Is An Italian Wine!

Italy is the most diverse country when it comes to wines, amongst all other countries. With different fashion and trends, Italian wines still top the Winery production. With a headlong range of grapes spreading amongst 20 regions is still as intriguing as during early times. The variety varies in every area and even in a town sometimes. Italian wines are considered as Kings of Wines and were sure Wines of Kings during Roman Empire. Italian wines make their way through the long structure and improbable affection for food and have touched the hearts of people all around the world. The diversity lies in the secret of ranges widened from the Northern Alps to the shores of Africa with Mediterranean climate making the wine suitable to go as a combination to almost everything. What makes Italian wines all the more precious is the fusion of the culture, food, and wine. The wines from Italy ages rapidly due to the tannin fruit, and essential acids involved inside, forming a root of the excellent production. Aging causes the secondary flavors making their way out, for they can only come with time and therefore Old wines are always more precious than a gem.

Briefing some amazing vineyards:


Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero

The winery is located at Vezzad’Alba which is an ancient area established for winemaking. The land was cultivated even during the 18th century by Roero’s though was taken over by the current owners Olivero in 1950. The vineyards are spread for 15 hectares and could show any visitor; the region is much more than the mountains surrounding and the Shroud of Turin. They serve Red, White, Sparkling and Grape Wines. The best amongst Red Wines are Roero Vigna Sant’AnnaDocg, Piemonte BonardaandBarberaD’Alba. Amongst the White Wine Langhe Favorita Doc, and Roero ArneisDocg. Amongst the Sparkling Wines are Spumante Brut MetodoClassicoDosaggio Zero and Spumante Brut Rose Maria Teresa. Amongst the Grape wines are Nebbulo Grappa and Arneis Grappa.


The winery was established in 1878, located in Atripalda. Berardino’s still had a passion for winemaking. Petro Di Berardino adopted the title Mastro which merged with Berardino eventually was the founder of the firm. The ninth generation heir Antiono when got back to the estate after WW|| found the vineyards devasted and in total debt, then the young men made a promise to himself to regain the power and establish the business to outbring his family name yet again. Within two decades he with the help of his brother Walter brought back the best vineyard land in the region with hard work and dedication. This hardship earned Antiono a title of ‘true viticulturalarcheologist.’ The best wines of Mastrobarardino are Mastrobarardino IripiniaRosato Lacrimarosa, and Mastrobarardino Taurasi RadiciRiserva 98-97-96 mixed.