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Italian Vineyard

Walking Through The Vineyards Of Italy

The oldest wine and the most grizzled experience whenever are offered should never be denied. French wine and Italian wine, a wine lover will always be confused to choose amongst the two. The combination of people, culture, food, and wine still beats the French wine for a wine lover. The wine tours of Italy are increasing in tremendous amount for a reason. The climate of Italy and the history of wine dated 4000 years old is an ideal suit for viniculture. As we all know, Italy has been home to Greeks and hence the vineyards serving in everyday life.


Not only the Greeks even Romans took a great interest in the wine business. As the county started adopting Catholicism, the wine became a sacrament and started flourishing the business rapidly ending up serving the excellent wines of a different variety. Italy is so successful in making excellent wines that it leaves a tourist into a thought of which in particular is better or best.

Walking down through local winery you get to taste the brilliants from the vineyards and stocks of following wine stores:

Marchesi di Barolo

Barolo, the King of the Wines and probably was sure the Wine of King. Barolo is known for the best peculiarity wine in the whole of Italy. The ancestors of Marchesi Barolo belong to the town of Barolo itself and overlook to the renewal of castle of MarchesiFalletti di Barolo. The wine business is the family business inherited by the fifth generation of Pietro Abbona who purchased the firm from Marchesi’s in 1920 and had been making the best quality for 200 years now. As there was no heir to the firm when Marchesi’s were alive, the couple decided to raise funds for charity, and the charity continues to date. The cellars take care of 120 hectares vast vineyards and try to yield wines from leading varieties of Monferrato, Langhe, and Roero. The most popular brands like Crus Storici, Barolo Del Commune di Barolo, Le Riserve, La Tradizione, and Asti Spumante.

Marchesi de Frescobaldi

Frescobaldi’s are serving one of the world’s best wines for 700 years, for 30 dedicated generations. The story began at Castiglioni seven centuries back. There are five distinct vineyards which welcome visitors with a warm heart. The company pays significant attention to the cultivation and production and also was honored with Agri Qualita certification in 2012 from the Region of Tuscany. Their vineyards form Nipozzano and Pomino were first ones to receive PEFC province, guaranteeing sustainable management of forests. One of the most famous vineyards of Tuscany ranges its routes in South Tuscany, Castiglioni, Nipozzano, Pomino, Perano, Ammaraglia and Castlegiocondo. The brand has won about 500 awards, Wine Spectator, Decanter, the Drink Business Luca Maroni, etc for wines like Alie, Ammiragila, Benefizio, and Campo ai Sassi.